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Why You Should Opt for Lawn Aeration Method

Your lawn is just like any other valuable in your life that you have to take care of. It needs regular maintenance, fertilization, and genuine care. One of the most important upkeeps for your lawn is lawn aeration.

Lawn aeration is the single most crucial method to help your lawn recover from soil compaction. All those summer-y days of scuttling across the yard and enjoying the fresh grass may have caused soil compaction.

This is because incessant and heavy foot traffic can lead to deep marks in the lawn that can incur serious damages to your yard. An excellent and potent solution to soil compaction, heavy thatch, and the overall wellbeing of your lawn is to schedule a fall aeration service.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of the lawn aeration method.

Boosts Turf Health

One of the most convincing reasons to get lawn aeration is that it drastically improves your lawn health. You will notice an instantly better-looking and healthier grass after the first few aeration processes.

This is because core aeration gives the root zone better access to water, air, and fertilizer. This, in turn, encourages extensive turf growth and health.

Solves Soil Compaction

Compacted soil can block your lawn from absorbing water, air, and nutrients from the fertilizers. This can lead to patches, dead spots, and gradual thinning. The aeration process will significantly reduce the density of the soil and allow your lawn greater access to water, air, and fertilizers.

Benefits pH Modification

Normally, after completing the aeration method, the specialist may apply sulphur or lime to adjust the pH of the lawn. This will allow deeper penetration of the nutrients into the soil and the root zones.

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