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Get To Know Us

      Working with a landscaper should not be a headache but frustration-free. You need someone in whom you have confidence and trust to get the job done right. We are commanded in God's word to do everything as unto Him. Here at TopBlades we are not perfect but strive to serve you as we were serving our God. You should expect to always get great service, friendly staff, and quality work. 


The first thing people see when they arrive at your house is your landscape. It should be something you're proud of. Did you know that it's worth 15% or more of the value of your home? That's why we are always studying to provide you with quality, long-lasting, and low maintenance landscapes. 

Benjamin George

Benjamin had the great privilege to be born in a Christian family that taught him good principles and a hard work ethic. As a result, when he was young, he started mowing lawns. In 2018 he decided to go beyond the ordinary and build a local landscape company like no other. Benjamin is actively involved in the Hays Pure Water Foundation which is providing safe drinking water for millions around the world. God has also guided him to start Project Hope For Argentina. 

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Providing Pure Water Around The World!!

TopBlades Supports The Hays Pure Water Foundation

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Hays Pure Water. 100% of all donations go towards the distribution of the water units. No donations are used for any overhead costs, and we have 0 paid employees. Whether it is a one-time donation or a monthly one, we can't say thank you enough for helping us in our goal to provide millions of people with clean water.

There are 783 million people that don't have clean drinking water.

For these 783 million people, there are no taps, no supermarkets stocked to the brim with beverage choices. In the majority of these cases, the only water source is a natural one. This includes streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes. 


Drinking isn’t the only thing the water is used for either. Both the local wildlife and the human population use this water for washing and as a bathroom too. As many are stagnant, these water sources become breeding grounds for water-borne diseases such as typhoid and cholera.


Due to diseases like this, 3.4 million people die annually from a lack of pure water. To put it in perspective, those 3.4 million people could fill Wrigley Field in Chicago to capacity more than 86 times over.


Clean water, or the lack thereof, is a worldwide epidemic. However, there is an affordable, effective solution that will save lives.


Hope for argentina

How Hope For Argentina Is Making A Difference

Disaster Relief 
Safe Water
Sharing The Gospel

In a time of need, our team is ready to go to the affected area to provide food and the means of drinking safe water. 

We are going to remote villages in the mountains and deserts that the government won't go to, and providing the means to have safe drinking water.

The good news of Jesus Christ is transforming lives one at a time and its our privilege to share it.

We could not do what we do if it were not for a host of churches and individuals standing behind us and partnering with us financially. The opportunities here are endless, and we need your help! Would you prayerfully consider if God would have you come along beside us and invest in the work here?

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