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How Weed Growth Can Ruin Your Lawn

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Lawn weeds in Coralville, IA can be quite unsightly and are clear evidence that you’re not ensuring lawncare properly. Weeds are not the cause of damaged grass but grow to fill in the gaps.

There are many ways to root them out of your lawn but the best defense to prevent their nasty growth is to maintain healthy grass. If you don’t water and mow your grass regularly, you are making it more vulnerable to browning and weed growth.

Weeds are a threat to the beauty and health of your grass. If you’re still not convinced, let’s have a detailed look at how it damages your lawn.

They Occupy Plenty of Space

Weeds are plants that require the same things any normal plant needs to grow and one of them is space. As they grow out, they occupy more area in the lawn. Hence, in a way they are competing for space and that can lead to deficient plant growth.

If you don’t keep them in check, instead of proper plants, your lawn will be covered with ugly weeds. Even the neighboring plants are at risk because weeds tend to take up large spaces killing other plants in the process.

They Starve and Damage the Plants

There are many weeds that are parasites like Orobanche, witchweed, and Electra. They stick to the roots and stems of healthy plants and can end up killing them in the process.

By sucking away all the nutrients and water, healthy plants quickly become weak and infested, eventually dying out. Weeds can starve out the strongest of plants if immediate steps aren’t taken to root them out.

They Can Cause Health Disorders

Weeds not only damage your lawn but can make your lawn uninhabitable. Excessive weed growth can lead to a lot of health disorders and skin conditions. No one would want to walk through your lawn if it is filled with weeds.

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