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How Adding Compost Can Benefit Your Lawn

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

If you have a lawn that you regularly look after or want one in your residence then must have come across lawncare advice about compost. Everyone loves a lush, green lawn with fresh and healthy grass and flourishing plants.

This is where compost comes into play. Compost is essentially used to improve lawn seeding and enhance the soil by giving it the nutrients it needs. It packs a punch of nutrition for the lawn to help it grow, thrive, and look beautiful.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of adding compost to your lawn.

Natural Fertilizer

Adding compost to your lawn acts as a natural fertilizer for the soil. There is no need to add in chemical fertilizer when you have a potent and natural solution for your lawn. Compost has a high amount of nutrients that eventually turn into soil and help your lawn get greener and healthier by the day.

It does everything a fertilizer is meant to do. All the essential nutrients like potassium, magnesium, and nitrogen work to boost the soil’s metabolism and help the lawn grow faster. If you’ve planted roots or bud in the lawn, compost can help them grow and bloom quickly.

Food for the Soil

There is no source of nutrition from chemical products that can ever compete what compost has to offer. Compost is derived from animals and therefore it is packed with natural nutrients. It has extremely beneficial minerals and amino acids that the lawn can immediately start feeding on.

Helps Overcome Soil Compaction

Compost applied during the fall can help your lawn overcome soil compaction. This can help you maintain a healthy and successful lawn in Iowa City. You will immediately know your soil is compacted when a shovel doesn’t dig in deeper than 3 inches.

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