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When to Prune Trees in Your Garden

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Simply knowing the basics of tree pruning and tree trimming can help you handle a majority of your yard issues yourself. In some cases, however, you will be needing an external caretaker to help you trim down your trees and know how to look after them.

There are many tree trimming tips and tricks that can help spruce up your yard and give you an extremely beautiful-looking lawn. With the right knowledge and tools, you can easily prune or trim the trees to keep them looking healthy and safe from any diseases.

The time chosen to trim down your trees is extremely important. If you initiate the process when the trees are essentially meant to grow and flourish, then you’re basically killing them with your own hands.

In order to get rid of perilous dead branches and encourage further growth of the trees, here are a few tips to decide the best time for tree pruning.

Visual Inspection

Always start with visually inspecting the entire tree. When you’ve seen the main problem areas of your trees, try to work downwards during the trimming process.

Trim the Tree during a Dormant Season

This is perhaps the most important tip since the main question that homeowners often ask is, what is the best time for tree pruning? Try to pick the dormant season to trim the trees. Every tree will have a different season when it has fully matured and stops growing.

Use that dormant season to cut down any brown leaves, dead, and affected branches. Although you can prune pine trees during any time of the season, doing so in the dormant season can ensure they grow fully. The same is the case with other trees.

Prune Prior to Leaf Emergence

There are some trees that are best pruned just before their leaves are about to come out. Trees like Linden and Crape-Myrtle can be pruned during the winters because that’s the time when the leaves are about to emerge.

Try to find out the best time for each tree keeping in mind when their leaves come out and their dormant season. For more tips and trick on tree trimming, hire expert professionals like Top Blades LLC to get full-service lawn care.

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