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4 Tips To Clean Your Lawn Before Winters

Winters in Iowa City are finally approaching and this is a crucial time to clean out your lawn. Cleaning up your green space before winter will ensure that your lawn looks nice covered in snow. Here are the important tips that can help you ensure that:

Pick up Leaves

The first thing to do to prep up your lawn for the winter is to clean out all the debris. This includes picking all the leaves, cutting out the ones that are about to fall, and weeding the others out. By landscaping and cleaning up the lawn waste, you’ll be able to welcome winter with a clean green space.

Feed Your Lawn

Fertilizing in fall will ensure your lawn has ample nutrients after going through a long, grueling summer. Fertilizing your lawn in the fall will not only keep the roots healthy up until winter but will also help your plants survive harsher conditions.

This way they are less likely to wilt and shed leaves. You can start fall feedings in late October when the plants are most likely to absorb nutrients.

Don’t Forget to Water

If you truly want to maintain a great lawn, then you have to water the grass. It’s a misconception to think that just because the winters are approaching you don’t need to water the lawn.

The right method is to water it until you see all the moisture being absorbed into the soil. Once you observe this, pour on more water. After that, try to stay warm and diligent of your lawn’s watering needs.

The weather will get extremely cold in the winters and there are chances that the water will freeze and get locked up in the soil. In other words, you will have to soak it multiple times to break the ice and ensure that your lawn is able to breathe.

Trim Weak Branches

If you notice any tree branches that are hanging out-of-place or any large branches that will cause trouble in winter, then trim them now. Otherwise, it won’t take long for them to snap off once the snow starts to pile up.

Make sure to complete all these steps if you want to have a great looking lawn this winter! Get in touch with Top Blades LLC for top-class yard trimming and all-season services if you can’t do it yourself.

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