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Protecting Your Lawn from Snow Damage

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Anyone with sound knowledge about plants will know that snowfall can cause a lot of damage in Kalona, IA. If you reside in an area where snowstorms or tough winter spells are a frequent occurrence then ensuring lawncare is crucial.

Here are effective ways you can protect your lawn from snow damage:

Reduce Foot Traffic

During snowfall when the frost is present on the lawn, try to cut down foot traffic. Don’t walk over it unless absolutely necessary. If you don’t do this, the frequent foot traffic can damage the brittle grass and increase compaction.

You need to strictly stay off your lawn when the grass is frozen. Walking over it can damage and break the glass blades or even kill off an entire plant. In serious cases, your footprints will stay in the grass and turn brown when spring comes.

Don’t Use Salt on Your Lawn

Try to keep the salt off your lawn. Instead of using salt-based products to melt the ice, use other safer alternatives containing calcium magnesium acetate (CMA). They’re not only safe for your plants but keep the environment clean as well.

Don’t use fertilizers or road salts because they can change the pH of your soil and permanently damage the turf. The soil won’t absorb the fertilizer and will run off instead which will cause groundwater pollution.

Leave the Snow

If snow collects on your lawn, don’t try to clean it up. It’s actually healthy for your plants and the garden beds. A blanket of snow is nothing but a shroud that protects your lawn from the bitter cold. So don’t try to clean it out by landscaping or other methods.

Try Resodding

If your grass looks really hopeless and damaged then try resodding. The method is simple. Just remove the dead grass and fill in new sod in its place. Make sure to water it regularly.

If you’re searching for a reliable company to recover your lawn back from snow damage then get in touch with Top Blades LLC for unrivaled, high-quality all-season service.

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