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How to Revive Your Dying Grass Lawn

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

When the scorching summer months arrive in Washington, IA chances are your lawn will start drying out faster than you can revive it.

However, there are a few things you can do to ensure your lawn doesn’t breathe its last during a drought or during summer:

Water it with Diligence

A parched, brown lawn dramatically changes its color once it receives refreshing rain showers. While rain is a natural solution, if its chances are low in your region, start watering your lawn. You can even install sprinklers for efficiency.

Early morning around 6 am is the ideal time to water your lawn, especially if it has completely turned brown. Make sure to water it thoroughly at least once a week.

Mow Regularly

Mowing at least once or twice a week can quickly revive a brown yard. This is because the more you mow, the faster your grass will be able to recover from its dead roots. Regular mowing and landscaping will help it grow quickly and become healthy.

However, make sure that your mower blade isn’t too low because that can really dry out the soil. Plus, dull blades may end up shedding the whole grass instead of cutting it.


Autumn and Spring are the best times to re-seed your lawn and re-turf dry/damaged patches. Even though re-seeding will take some time to give you the results you need, it still is a super-cheap, long-term solution to revive your lawn.

The key to re-seeding is to only water your lawn before sowing. Water it again when the shoots appear and not before – otherwise, you may end up washing away the seeds.

Stick with these tips and you can ensure your lawn doesn’t dry out. If you prefer to hire professionals on the other hand, then contact Top Blades LLC for expert all-season service.

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