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How to Keep Wild Animals at Bay

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Raccoon Damage

Having pesky wild animals like rabbits, squirrels, cats, raccoons, and groundhogs in your yard can be a bother. Not only do they feed on plants but they can also end up destroying entire fields that you may have worked hard on for months.

There are many ways to keep wild animals from attacking your freshly spruced lawn in Iowa. Let’s have a look at some of the most effective ones:

Use Water

You’ll be surprised at how good water is to repel those nasty creatures. Use a pitcher, hose, or even a toy gun if you’re feeling feisty to spray water on those critters. If you don’t want to directly spray water on them then just spray around them to let them know they’re not welcome.

To ensure they don’t return, constantly monitor the yard and stay alert.

Block Access to Your Garden

The most practical method to stop animals from invading your lawn is to block all access. An effective way is to build a fence around your garden. If for instance you want to protect your vegetable garden or flower bed, building a wall around both will work to keep animals at bay.

Fences may be expensive, but are great barriers that keep animals from entering your garden. You can get a metal wall built because that can be the hardest to climb over.

Make Covers for Your Plants

If you’re only worried about specific plants or a particular area in your lawn, just cover it up. This is a cheap way to keep most animals from getting at the contents. You can buy some or create covers your own.

You can even cover your plants with some garden fabric. One bite out of that synthetic ‘flowery’ material and those critters won’t come back for seconds. Similarly, budding, young plants can be protected with some bird netting.

Use a Repellent Occasionally

Repellents do an amazing job at driving away animals. However, using them too often may damage your fields. Hence, spray them once a week or when you know your lawn is about to be invaded by animals.

If you’re looking for a professional to keep your garden animal-proof and clean, then hire Top Blades LLC for speedy and all year service.

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