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Effectively Control Mushroom Growth in Your Lawn

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Mushroom growth in your lawn can erupt due to many reasons. It could be a heavy rain spell leading to pest growth or even the emergence of a new sod. If you have a surface damaged by fairy rings, it’s possible that mushrooms may start popping up in a few weeks.

Along with being a complete eyesore, mushrooms are also dangerous for little kids in the house. They may contain deadly poisons that can harm your children if they come in direct contact with it. Let’s have a look at some effective ways to control mushroom growth in your lawn.

Use Pest Control

Since mushrooms are essentially fungi growth, using pesticides to ward them away will prove successful in most cases. The two main chemical insecticides that can help you do away with them are Phoridae and Sciaridae.

Pest control is basically a preventive measure to kill and eliminate further growth of mushrooms.

Check for Buried Debris

In case of fungi, toadstools, and mushrooms in your lawn, you should also inspect for any buried debris underground. You can use a pocket knife to check if there is any debris and in case you do find some, know that the mushrooms and toadstools are sprouting from that.

Clean out the debris to reduce unwanted mushroom and toadstool growth.

Right Mulch Selection

Picking the right mulch for your lawn also plays a key role in cutting down the chances of mushroom growth in your lawn. In case you do spot mushrooms on your mulch, you can try plucking them out manually or break up the mushroom colonies entirely. Using mushroom compost to get rid of the fungi is also an effective method.

Proper Care

In the end, proper care is what will truly help your lawn stay safe of fungi and pest growth. Regular yard cleanups, selecting the right mulch, and mowing only when needed are the only ways to keep out fungal growth.

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