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Common Irrigation Systems You Can Get for Your Lawn

Irrigation is primarily an artificial way of getting water into the soil. It is done by various tools and systems like sprays, tubes, and pumps. Irrigation systems installation is mostly done in drought-prone areas, where rainfall is quite rare. These systems supply water to entire fields of lawn and plants.

There are many different types of irrigation systems for different lawn sizes and purposes. Read on to find out which system would suit your lawn the most.

Sprinkler Irrigation

A sprinkler irrigation system simply uses a sprinkler to supply water from overhead. The water usually flows in the form of a downpour, covering the entire lawn. There are many varieties of sprinklers catering to different types of lawns.

The greatest advantage of sprinklers is that they can water a large swath of lawn at a time. This will be a great choice for you if you have multiple lawns or a fairly big one. Sprinklers are also extremely versatile because they can be used almost anywhere, without any added assistance.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is one of the most popular methods of supplying water. You simply have to lace your lawn with irrigation lines that simultaneously feed into the plant roots. They slowly “drip” water into the roots, allowing ample time for absorption.

This is a direct way of hydrating the plants, and therefore the most efficient. There is very little wastage of water because the water literally drips into the roots. If you have a smaller-sized lawn, then drip irrigation would be perfect for you.

A great benefit of this system is that it is naturally designed in a way to control weed growth. The water dripping into the soil will barely reach the deeper parts of the roots. This means it won’t be touching any rogue weeds that may feed on it, thereby reducing their numbers.

Surface irrigation

In surface irrigation, the water is simply poured over the lawn through the force of gravity. There are no pipes or tubes used. This is the cheapest and easiest form of irrigation for small lawns. If you live in an area where rainfall is frequent, then surface irrigation is an ideal choice.

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