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Common Gardening Tools EveryHomeowner Should Buy

Getting the right tools for your gardening activities can make the job much easier and far quicker. Fortunately, you don’t need extremely expensive tools to get your garden in good shape. All you need are a handful of some really smart gardening tools that can help you in lawn maintenance and common lawn problems.

Let’s have a look at the most common, yet the most effective gardening tools every homeowner should buy.


A shovel is one of the most basic must-have gardening tools that you will be needing. A shovel essentially helps you in mixing huge quantities of soil, compost, dirt, and other materials. It is also the first thing that you’ll be needing when planting shrubs and trees.

Look for a shovel that is easy to grip and comfortable to lift because you will be doing plenty of heavy-duty work with it.

Hand Pruner

When your lawn is in the process of growing and maturing, it will develop brown leaves, roots, and dead patches. As a caretaker, you will have to remove them to allow the plants and the grass to grow without obstruction.

For this, you will need a hand pruner to remove all the dead and unwanted branches of shrubs and trees. You should ideally search for a hand pruner with smooth blades and an easy grip to get the job done.

Watering Can

Some plants need daily watering, while others need to be watered only a few times a week. For this purpose, you can use a water can instead of a spring hose to hydrate the specific plants. A watering can is perfect to transfer tap water to the thirsty plants in your lawn without overwatering others.

Garden Rake

A garden rake is used for pressing down sown seeds, plucking out dead brown grass, and working the soil in planting beds. The rake should be flat head to allow even leveling of the soil when planting seeds.

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