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Why You Should Avoid Using Chemical Fertilizers in Your Lawn

When insects and pesticides target your lawn, you may be tempted to spray chemical pesticides to keep the nuisance at bay. Or you may purchase chemical fertilizers for your lawn to keep your plants alive and healthy. If you do so, then it’s time you should learn about the hazards of chemical products.

Chemical fertilizers aren’t safe for you. Here are a few reasons why you should ditch them and opt for more organic products:

They Aren’t Safe for Your Health

Chemical fertilizers are toxic and negatively affect the health of growing children. Young children often end up trying to put grass or soil in their mouth. You can imagine how chemicals will endanger their lives!

Moreover, your pets would also enjoy playing on your lawn. But if you use chemical fertilizers in your lawn, this will threaten their well-being.

Chemicals Ruin Your Environment

You may set up a lawn to enhance the visual appeal of your house and stay as close to nature as possible. Chemical fertilizers, however, damage the environment.

They contaminate soil and groundwater and kill off organisms present in the soil that are actually beneficial to your garden. As a result, your plants suffer and are more prone to catching diseases.

Chemical Fertilizer Weaken Your Plants

Many gardeners add chemical fertilizer to their lawn in order to keep plants healthy and promote their growth. But these chemicals actually weaken your plants. It prevents roots from reaching nutrients and water in the soil and destroys your beautiful lawn.

Organic fertilizers may not force plants to grow fast, but they are good for your garden’s health and save you from hazards of chemical products.

Now that you know about the risk factors of chemical fertilizers, it’s best to stay away from them. Get in touch with the professional team at Top Blades LLC and see how they make your landscape look even better.

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