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Attracting Wild Birds Benefits Your Lawn

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

With the expansion and development of land, bird populations have exponentially decreased. Many species have quickly gone extinct because construction projects have wiped away their habitats and food sources. With only a few species left in the world, more than 100 are still considered endangered.

You’ll be surprised to know that bird preservation isn’t as lofty as it sounds. It’s actually very easy and therefore, shouldn’t only be the responsibility of wildlife NGOs. You can help create a natural habitat for birds in your own little garden.

Not only will you be preserving their species, but your lawn will also benefit from them. Find out how attracting wild birds like finches, cardinals, and robins improve the wellbeing of your lawn.

Plant Pollinators

You must’ve studied this in your 6th-grade science book— birds act as natural pollinators for your plants. They carry pollen in their beaks from one flower to the other, allowing easy pollination. If you’re growing fresh fruits and vegetables in your garden, birds can be a huge benefactor for their successful growth.

Controls Weed Growth

Even though regular lawn mowing can help root out unwanted weed growth, it is still one of the most common garden problems. Well, birds can help you with that. Many birds like finches and sparrows enjoy eating weed seeds. So, if you’re tired of manually plucking them out, you can start welcoming these beautiful birds into your garden.

Wild birds can drastically eliminate unwanted weed growth in your plants, without you having to move a hand.

Pest Control

Pest control is usually taken care of during yard clean ups. As you pluck out the unwanted plants, you are also likely to spray pesticides to kill the nasty insects. However, cleaning your yard is a once-in-a-month event.

Birds love eating critters and bugs like spiders, mosquitoes, and aphids. When you attract wild birds into your garden, you will get rid of the pests and will also be encouraging their natural food source.

If you’re seeking full-service lawn care to create a more habitable garden for attracting wild birds, get in touch with Top Blades LLC.

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